Limerick-born pianist and composer, Michael Storan, discovered his interest for the piano at the age of 16. Although never feeling attracted to the technical aspects of music, Michael always found himself drawn to styles which experimented with unconventional sounds. Finding his influences in both electronic music and contemporary classical musicians, his songs are inspired by a diverse set of artists ranging from Nathan Fake and Gui Boratto to Ludovico Einaudi and Thomas Newman.



Released 29/11/2020

Composer: Michael Storan

Arrangement and Orchestration: Richard Rudkins

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Aidan O' Mahony

Produced by: Michael Storan, Richard Rudkins, Aidan O' Mahony

Piano: Richard Rudkins

Violin: Marian Power

Viola: Martha Campbell

Cello: Meadhbh Campbell

Graphic Design/Video Editor: Turlough O' Shea